Saturday, April 27, 2013

Poem: A Young Man's Point of View

Break your fast this morning
On these my words of Glory
Be a Champion in the a.m.
And a Conquerer in the p.m.

The World is yours
So take it whelp
You’re a man
You don’t need no help

Don’t be a bitch
Or a pussy made man
In this world
You need to take action

A man takes, burns, and pillages
From other towns and villages
He protects his own though
His women and children

Be a man
Take when you can
With no heed to others

Fuck Foreigners
Embrace family
Embrace your strength
Flaunt your strength

Don’t show them Weakness
Don’t show them Meekness
They’ll kill your dumb ass
So absurdly fast

We men need to be strong
If not our lives are just plain wrong
What Woman will take us
What life is there for us

I Have to ask myself
Can I not care?
About the others here besides me
Who coexist in peace

Fuck that I’m a man
Not a pussy
I’ll shoot them
I’ll stab them

I’ll fucking protect what’s mine
From other pillagers
And would be Conquerors
They may be men

But I’m the fucking Alpha Male
The biggest strongest bastard
In this box
I’ll do what I want when I want.

And NO ONE can stop me