Friday, April 26, 2013

Poem: A Restful Moment In My Life

This Earth is blue
A Cerulean marvel
A watery marble
There are landforms here
On top of the ocean
There's an abundance of air
Always in motion
It's easy to live here
And Cohabitate
Us men, birds, lizards
and other prime-apes

Surround me with wind
Surround me with water
Surround me with fire
Surround me with earth

Surround me with Wind
and its flowing grace
The touch of its breeze
upon my face

Surround me with Water
the cool blue
To wash away my sins
And other things too

Surround me with Fire
its smothering heat
With its Fiery grip
I cannot compete

Surround me with Earth
on the day i die
From ashes to ashes
A man can finally lie

We men are born of the elements
And so shall we die
To turn the great wheel
And to feed the Earth

Return to the great dwelling
Return to the womb
Ashes to Ashes
Body to Earth