Tuesday, May 7, 2013

National Poetry Month's Over

I think I had some solid entries for this year's National Poetry Month but now that it's over I'm going to go back to short stories and serials which I prefer.  Stay tuned for more Story of K and other short stories.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Haiku: Spiraling Out of Control, by Ryan

Blue skies refresh me
as i jump, embrace the air
love and beauty fell

below lie chains
above me, unimportant
all that matters now

is swirling beauty
like a spiraling blossom
floating downward

there is no regret
not many end in this way
envied by the clouds

The wind buffets me
and I float, fall, fly unchained
pulled ever downward

I am truly free
til the ground becomes my shroud
I am truly free

I gained but weak wings
fools bargain, its cost was high
but laugh not at me

for I fooled them too;
for in these wings, for a while,
was the wind and sky

**My friend Ryan made this after he had seen my own version.  I love his version because language is so diverse from mine but we are virtually saying the same thing.  You couldn't go wrong either way.  And he says that he's lost his artistic side to the cold hard world of programming, psshaw!

Poem: Spiraling Out of Control

Oooh Refreshing
Hitting the ice cold wind
My body breaks through and spins
Feeling this good must be a sin

It's a pleasant assault
My body makes it's descent
Pure freedom surrounds me
The best a man can get

My trip is a revolution
And a revolution
This is a revolving rebellion
I make my own rules here

That is...until the blue ends
I'm free until then
I forgot my chute
But I have the wind


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Poem: Embrace the Cold

I walked in the rain

Feeling reborn

Fresh out the womb

Into the cold

There was no one else

I was alone

Sad at the bleak misery

Everything was again gray

A melancholy world

And you know what I thought

I thought “this is fine”

I was fine with the loneliness

I embraced the solitude

Where others craved happiness

I knew I wanted sad

Life is about balance

And I’m close to finding mine

Wrap me in melancholy

Numb my emotions

I wanna feel down

I’m gonna be chill

Life is real

Real sad (haha)

There’s more to be sure

But I’m fine in the gray rain

*Note: I think with a little more editing this might be one of my faves.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Poem: The Death

The Death

Another day Another dollar
I got my paycheck Friday
Today was Monday
Two days after that Gray Day

I needed my money
The Bank was two miles away
I decided to walk
That’s when I saw

The Police tape
The crowd of strangers
They gawked
I walked

“Do you know what happened?”

I shook my head
Someone was dead
The Area was closed
Yellow Tape enclosed the area

A blue tarp covered him
How he died I did not know
I did not look back
I had a goal

Now I felt bold
Separated as I was from the crowd
I gained some strength
my individuality was assured

It was hot and I was hooded
I sweated from the heat
When my day was done
I learned of Blue Tarp’s end

Killed in a drag race, Dragged to death
He lost limbs and something more
The reckless children did not even stop
Their lives too important to interrupt

That’s when I remembered
He died two days after my own dread
Only two blocks from where
I felt my own mortality so strongly

What was this?
How did it happen?
I was alive and he was dead
I was even more reckless

I learned no lesson
Only the humor of my fear
It came from a deep place
And its depth felt quite queer

To the man who was once a person
Then a spectacle under a sheet
I felt remorse
What a way to die, To die (that way)

But I have to wonder
Was that meant for me?
That death, that way
I felt it so clearly, on the Gray Day


Poem: The Threat of Death

The Threat of Death

Three days past my fear
That day the ominous air engulfed me
I felt the threat of sure death
As the gray rain poured unto me

It was a gray day
I felt gloom everywhere
I crossed the street
And heard a loud bang

That’s when I thought
my life would end
I don’t know why
That sound caused me to quake

It was a primal fear
But I was calm
The end was near
Like always I was alone

I walked on alone expecting my death
When it never came I went to work
A normal day, I scrubbed pots and pans
I left the place forgetting my end

Gray was mortality for the moment
It was a humbling experience
And I felt alive


More (late) Poetry Month Entries for the week...

Again since I was late to last month's party, I will post poetry everyday of this week.  New entries and old entries to be sure at least until Friday.  Today's entry will be a poem/story about a crazy moment in my life from a couple of years ago.  Enjoy!