Friday, May 3, 2013

Haiku: Spiraling Out of Control, by Ryan

Blue skies refresh me
as i jump, embrace the air
love and beauty fell

below lie chains
above me, unimportant
all that matters now

is swirling beauty
like a spiraling blossom
floating downward

there is no regret
not many end in this way
envied by the clouds

The wind buffets me
and I float, fall, fly unchained
pulled ever downward

I am truly free
til the ground becomes my shroud
I am truly free

I gained but weak wings
fools bargain, its cost was high
but laugh not at me

for I fooled them too;
for in these wings, for a while,
was the wind and sky

**My friend Ryan made this after he had seen my own version.  I love his version because language is so diverse from mine but we are virtually saying the same thing.  You couldn't go wrong either way.  And he says that he's lost his artistic side to the cold hard world of programming, psshaw!